September 24-28, 2019



BASF Corporation will demonstrate its commitment to creating a better world through chemistry. Exhibits will provide visitors with a journey of discovery demonstrating how BASF’s leading innovation meets the needs of the world – today and into the future. Utilizing a museum-style presentation, products are showcased with support printed text. These displays demonstrate the depth and breadth of BASF’s impact on product innovations all around us. Monitors will also provide additional innovative stories using touch screens to review applications around 7-mega trends that effect everyday life – Construction, Transportation, Health/Nutrition, Agricultural, Energy and Consumer Products.


Bayer is developing new molecules in order to improve the health of people and plants with innovative products and solutions. In Atlanta, we present our Life Science Experience Cases. The mobile stations convey scientific content through hands-on activity and ensure that visitors can experience the topic of life science in concrete terms. All of this is part of our mission: Science For A Better Life.


This is how the “Future of Mobility” looks like! Experience the newest technologies and learn about topics on how people will drive and travel in the future. Mercedes-Benz USA and its corporate incubator Lab1886 will present electric cars and explain the most recent trends of mobility like flying taxis or autonomous driving.


The half container will show elements of a sports (soccer) stadium, with highlights of Evonik products in action. The use of Borussia Dortmund (BVB) branding will be incorporated, as Evonik is the primary sponsor. A fussball (kicker) table will sit just outside the container to draw attention and provide an interactive element.

Evonik believes that sport improves everyone’s quality of life, and our products do just the same. Our specialty chemicals make life more convenient, more practical and safer. Specialty chemistry provides the washing power in laundry detergent, and the lightness in lightweight components that reduce fuel consumption in aerospace and automotive industries. Our chemical ingredients turn a standard product into something special, on the pitch and in the stadium. From putting more performance into the players’ shoes to keeping the seats colorful and comfortable.

There’s no sphere of life where you won’t find Evonik’s products.


Schaeffler’s display at the PopUp Tour will allow visitors to learn all about Schaeffler in the U.S. Along with an engaging and informative overview of the company, attendees will be treated to a comprehensive presentation of Schaeffler’s product portfolio for the Americas region. In addition, we plan to showcase our extensive involvement in motorsports, which is an integral resource for us as we develop the mobility technologies of the future. To that end, Schaeffler will be giving visitors a behind-the-scenes look at our participation in the DTM (German Touring Car Masters) and Formula E racing series as well as our “4e Performance” concept car – along with an interactive experience featuring a Carrera slot car race track!
The Schaeffler Group is a leading global supplier to the automotive and industrial sectors. Its product portfolio includes high-precision components and systems for engine, transmission and chassis applications as well as rolling and plain bearing solutions for a broad range of industrial applications. With an array of innovative and sustainable technologies for electric mobility, digitalization and Industry 4.0 applications, Schaeffler is already making a significant contribution to “Mobility for tomorrow.”


Playful learning was the motto at Siemens Torwandschießen as young and old tried to score a goal. Siemens USA has more than 60 manufacturing, digital and R&D sites across the country. They employ more than 50,00 people and over the past 15 years Siemens invested more than 40 billion U.S. dollar in the United States.


BASF Kids’ Lab focuses a child’s natural sense of wonder by pairing chemistry with fun. Kids’ Lab is a hands-on opportunity for students to explore connections between science and their world. Young scientists will learn how chemistry is all around us and how BASF creates chemistry for a sustainable future. Children will receive a Kids’ Lab backpack with an apron, safety glasses, notebook and pencil.


Wednesday - Friday

The WanderbUS is a nationwide event series that will visit over 60 schools and universities all across the United States in 2019. We are excited to also bring it to the SchoolFest in Atlanta! The Wanderbus contains a multitude of fun ways to learn about Germany, the German language, and the German-American friendship. Take virtual reality tours of German cities, discover fun games, and snap a photo at our very own WanderbUS photo booth. Come see the WanderbUS and experience Germany and the German-American friendship like never before! 


Tuesday - Friday
Everyone knows of Bauhaus legend Lyonel Feininger and his famous paintings of ships and cathedrals. Far less known are his paintings inspired from his earlier caricature works. In this photo exhibition, Karl Lagerfeld pays homage to Feininger, an artist Lagerfeld considered an inspiration. Rather unlike the typical staid one-dimensional retrospectives, this exhibition seeks to interpret Feininger’s works through different and modern techniques and forms of expression.


Friday - Saturday
What’s food culture in Germany today really like? Is it all just sausages and sauerkraut, or are there other delicious delights to discover? For this exhibition Juergen Teller embarked on a road trip throughout Germany and photographed all the regional variations that give this cuisine its diversity and flair. From fast food to fine dining, Teller reveals how German food culture is largely shaped by young chefs creatively reinventing centuries-old traditions—many of them from around the globe who bring their own unique ideas to the table. Join us on this culinary adventure and get your taste buds tingling—mmm!


Thursday - Saturday
2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift. This chapter in the history of US-German relations continues to serve as a shining example of America’s commitment to European security and its efforts to promote freedom and democracy around the world. On the occasion of this anniversary, the Wunderbar Together PopUp Tour is showcasing a traveling exhibit from the Allied Museum in Berlin.


Want to win a free trip to Germany? The German National Tourist Office will host interactive German Originality kiosks for participants with an interest in German Heritage. The kiosks are interactive and include information on German Heritage and travel in Germany. The kiosk will also feature a sweepstakes competition to win a free trip to Germany.


What better way to celebrate German-American friendship than with a traveling Oktoberfest? With our “Wiesn in a Box” trailer, we’re bringing beer, pretzels, and a modern Oktoberfest vibe to Atlanta. We’ve combined Bauhaus style architecture with the latest Bavarian beats to bring Americans coast to coast a truly unique Oktoberfest experience, a year-long toast to our historic ties. Prost to German-American friendships, old and new!



Our biggest mission when we set up Bratplatz was to introduce and recreate German food in a way that was attractive and approachable to unfamiliar palates. We hope you become as passionate about great food as we are, because this is still our biggest mission today.


Bringing mobile food to the masses, our Scratch Cuisine Food Truck delivers fresh made, hot dishes directly to hungry customers. With a wide variety of options to choose from, the food items are made from scratch using quality ingredients and serving up that same great taste you've come to expect from our brick and mortar Petite Violette Restaurant and Catering.


King of Pops offers delicious gourmet popsicles in a variety of unique flavors.



Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus with an interactive, virtual tour into the essence of the Bauhaus: its ideas, products and masters! In the spirit of The Bauhaus' central goal, to harness modern technology in order to improve the lives of everyday people, Virtual Bauhaus uses innovative Virtual Reality technology to bring Bauhaus to any space anywhere in the world. After putting on VR glasses, the visitor tours the iconic Dessau Bauhaus School as a former student, interacting with and exploring its architecture, design and educational philosophies. Spoken eyewitness accounts and background information round out the experience.


What will our city look like in 2049? A Ride in 2049 is an international cross media project about the transportation of the future to be presented in English and German. It shows various approaches to urban transportation ranging from connected, carbon-free cars to autonomous vehicles, and 3D mobility (think: taxi drones!). The VR experience, created by Hessischer Rundfunk, sends viewers time traveling into the future of real cities based on scenarios developed with input from international scientists.

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