Be a witness at the BMW Group booth of the future of mobility and learn more about the history and heritage of BMW in the U.S.. We will be focusing on the people, the passion and the innovation of BMW manufacturing, and will bring to you key moments of BMW mobility. Share with us your thoughts on the future of mobility, both in general and specifically regarding Portland, creating your own time capsule of a future Portland and share your views with the world.


Want to win a free trip to Germany? The German National Tourist Office will host interactive German Originality kiosks for participants with an interest in German Heritage. The kiosks are interactive and include information on German Heritage and travel in Germany. The kiosk will also feature a sweepstakes competition to win a free trip to Germany.


Everyone knows of Bauhaus legend Lyonel Feininger and his famous paintings of ships and cathedrals. Far less known are his paintings inspired from his earlier caricature works. In this photo exhibition, Karl Lagerfeld pays homage to Feininger, an artist Lagerfeld considered an inspiration. Rather unlike the typical staid one-dimensional retrospectives, this exhibition seeks to interpret Feininger’s works through different and modern techniques and forms of expression.


What better way to celebrate German-American friendship than with a traveling Oktoberfest? With our “Wiesn in a Box” trailer, we’re bringing beer, pretzels, and a modern Oktoberfest vibe to Portland. We’ve combined Bauhaus style architecture with the latest Bavarian beats to bring Americans coast to coast a truly unique Oktoberfest experience, a year-long toast to our historic ties. Prost to German-American friendships, old and new!



Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus with an interactive, virtual tour into the essence of the Bauhaus: its ideas, products and masters! In the spirit of The Bauhaus' central goal, to harness modern technology in order to improve the lives of everyday people, Virtual Bauhaus uses innovative Virtual Reality technology to bring Bauhaus to any space anywhere in the world. After putting on VR glasses, the visitor tours the iconic Dessau Bauhaus School as a former student, interacting with and exploring its architecture, design and educational philosophies. Spoken eyewitness accounts and background information round out the experience.

Beyond 1516

This October we will strengthen the bond between America and Germany in a way that fits ultimately and works just a natural as breathing. There is a certain art in which masters from all over the world create new masterpieces every day. It is the art of brewing beer! The U.S. and Germany have always been in a very special relationship. We want to use that and bring together what’s best from both sides. German accuracy and tradition combined with American creativity.


Natalie from Breakside, a local brewery from Portland and Michael from BRLO, a famous Berlin brewery have decided to take things one step further. They will come together in Portland, create a beer together that has not been seen before, an outstanding combination of passion, creativity, accuracy, tradition and determination will lead to a new taste, a stronger friendship and most important: Much more fun!!!


Join Natalie, Michael and the team from Wunderbar Together from 07th until 12th of October, have a taste and enjoy Portland!



October 09-12, 2019

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